10 tips for a Trip to Bali

Bali is a very authentic and beautiful island with full of attractions. You can easily spend 5 days to understand its culture and enjoy the nature. There are two active volcanos on the island, and of course some crater lakes. They look amazing.


You would guess that its soil is very fertile, so there are lots of agricultural activities all over the island. Orchards, orange trees, strawberry fields, coffee plantations, rice paddies are everywhere.




Its sea is also amazing. You can surf, snorkel, swim and dive to see the secret world under the sea.


Bali has a unique culture with its cuisine, music and dances, arts, cuisine, architecture and religion.


You can taste a variety of nice food, seafood, fresh fruits and Balinese -particularly Luwak coffee, which is a laboriously “bio-processed” and the most expensive coffee in the world.






DSC_0685 (1)

You can visit art galleries, watch traditional dance performances and religious ceremonies. I will mention about each of our experiences in Bali in the following posts. In this one I will cover some travel tips:

1. Best season to visit Bali is May to September. Arrange your leave, plan your trip in advance and book your flights and hotel ASAP. During the peak season, the prices will go up.


2. Traffic in Bali is very heavy; the public transportation is infrequent and inconvenient. It is not easy to drive either. You can either rent a motorbike if you are good at it (if this will be your first time in Bali, I do not recommend. But it is your trip, you will decide) or can hire a driver. We chose the second option and are very happy with this choice. A driver with his car gives you the comfort, flexibility and ability to enjoy the view without any stress. Our driver June was a very nice guy; he was easy going, talkative and punctual. He also guided us very well, drove nicely and showed us all we would like to see plus a traditional Bali house, which we have not planned earlier. You can contact June via his Facebook page.


3. If this is your first time, and you would like to learn more about Balinese culture, I recommend you to stay in Ubud. However, Ubud is a little bit far from the airport, which is located in Denpasar. We stayed in Seminyak, which is full of seaside resorts and hotels but far from the cultural centre of Bali and many attractions. If you would like to do surf you can stay in Nusa Dua and for diving to the North parts of the island and Nusa Dua.

4. Do not forget your camera and video camera. Bali is one of the top locations to take pictures.





5. Do not forget your sunscreen cream and sun glasses.

6. Bring some cash as you will use bargaining capabilities a lot when you want to buy something. If you can’t, use your ATM card to get some cash or go to a money exchange office in the city center.

7. When you arrive, approach to the taxi booking stand in the arrival hall. The prices are reasonable at this stand. If you go outside and try to take any taxi, taxi-drivers will probably ask you more.

8. In the city, book the Bluebird taxis if possible; they use taximeter and are very fair.

9. Mosquitoes might be a big concern during the night. Many hotels provide mosquito repellents. You can bring yours in case your hotel does not provide some. Close the windows, doors and lights when you leave your place to prevent mosquito attacks when you return.

10. Massage is a must in Bali. Masseuses are very professional and the price for the massage is cheap. You can book your massage in advance before coming to Bali. It would be great to have a nice massage after a tiring flight. We booked our massage earlier and went directly from the airport. Try to book your massage for right before or after the lunch time to prevent burning under the sun. Most of the spas provide transportation, taking you from and back to your hotel. Do not leave Bali without pampering yourself!