Our Tokyo Experience – Day 1

Day 1
My throat ache became severe and my voice had gone thoroughly. I could not stop thinking that maybe I have pollen allergy like many people in Japan. And maybe my situation would become worse if I continue to stay outside without using a mask. Anyway, it was the time for Tokyo; we packed our suitcases and checked out from the hotel. We bought some milk from the Starbucks at the corner and drunk in the Kyoto Station. It is a very large station which has multi-storey train lines. I can’t stop saying that a well-developed country should have railways like in Japan. We walked to the Shinkansen platform, grab two bento for lunch on the way and then we boarded our train.


The train come and stopped at the platform 3 min earlier from the boarding time. All the passengers boarded in 3 min and the train moved on time quietly without any announce. It is usually not possible to see such a punctuality for train, bus not to mention airplane in our country. Moreover, announces are repeated dozens of times even in bus/train terminals. Hence, my love for this clockwork-country increased in every step I take. I have to say that a voyage in Shinkansen is pretty cool. As the train moves on a magnetic system, unlike normal trains that go on rails with wheels, it moved smoothly without bumping.

We saw many lovely villages/towns, minimal style houses, factories, mountains and rivers on the road. Sometimes we chatted, slept and sometimes ate. I definitely loved Shinkansen a lot. In our next visit to Japan, we might take Shinkansen for longer distances, visit other regions of Japan, which we have not seen this time.

When we arrived at Tokyo, we first went to our hotel, which was in Asakusa, by passing through Ueno. We took shower and relaxed. Then, we went to an electronics store in Akihabara urgently as we need to a spare memory card for our camera. If you are an electronics enthusiast, Akihabara is a heaven for you; you can spend many hours there. When we were planning our trip, we promised each other to not spend lots of time in Akihabara, but we suddenly found ourselves in this electronic paradise in our first day due to our urgent need. We got our memory card, and then had a look on video cameras and collected many brochures as we would like to have one. Then, returned back to Asakusa as it was rainy.

We very much likened Asakusa to Sultanahmet in Istanbul as it is a historical, traditional and very touristic district. You can enjoy a variety of delicacies in many cafes and restaurants found in its narrow streets. We immediately enter one of these restaurants and ordered a seafood ramen each. Our hot and extra large volume ramens (in a casserole portion bowl) were served. At the beginning we said it is too much but then we managed to see the bottom of the bowl ☺. It was the most delicious ramen I have ever tasted. It was good to both my soaring throat and my voice.


When we left the restaurant, we walked on the streets. We walked by one of the old but still running amusement parks (Hanayashiki) and Tokyo’s most important Buddhist temple named Sensuji. We took some photos.




It became cooler and cooler. On the way to our hotel, we entered to a supermarket called Don Quijote. Later we understood that it is a supermarket chain in Japan. We bought some Japanese strawberries and cucumbers, banana and ginger lemon lozenges for my soaring throat. We returned to the hotel, put our kimonos and rest while sipping our green tea and watching animees on the TV. We fallen asleep while watching a documentary on the adventures of a Japanese lady in Bhutan.

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