Our Tokyo Experience – Day 4

Day 4
We ate bakery products all day starting from our breakfast. We did not know that very diverse and delicious bakery products can be found in Japan. Many of us thought that Asian people do not like bread instead consume a lot of rice. I agree that rice is the main carbohydrate source in Asia. Still, the situation is different for Japan. You can find many bakery shops selling variety of delicious sourdough breads and savouries.


After fueling our body we went to Roppongi Hills. It is one of the very beautiful and chic districts of Tokyo. You can find many boutiques, cafes, books and hobby shops in this area.



Our first stop was Aoyama Cemetery. I already knew that we could find time to take many beautiful pictures in this cemetery. This cemetery has many sections including Buddhist, Christian and Muslim. It was clean, silent and peaceful place. There were blooming cherry trees nearby the cemeteries emphasising that life and dead is all together in the world. We took very nice photos. I totally recommend photography enthusiasts to go and see Aoyama cemetery especially during the Cherry Blossom season. We were surprised when we saw some foreign people -they were probably Americans by their accents- picnicking, and drinking wine nearby one of the graves. Perhaps it was a kind of tradition, which we did not have any idea yet. Anyway, we continued to walk for a while and left the cemetery from another exit.



Then, we had a coffee break after this long walk. We checked our direction using the wireless internet. We went to Shibuya, which is a place famous with “Otaku”. As I learned from my readings, “otaku” is somebody similar to geek/nerd, who has an interest/obsession in a hobby, such as computer games, animes, cartoons etc. Some of them are living in their own world, do not have much interest in life outside, just earn enough money from part-time jobs to continue their special lives. In this district we stepped into a very colourful world where a variety of different looking people dressed up like Lolita, cartoon heroes, fashion icons and pop stars. It was a fun experience.





This region can compete easily with NYC for its colourfulness. There were very long queues in front of some cafes, stores and restaurants. We walked to “Cosplay Bridge”, which is kind of a meeting point for otaku. We managed to get a few shots to capture some of those special people.




We did some shopping on the streets, had lunch in a Brazilian churrascaria. After this delicious lunch break, we took some photos and videos of hectic and very crowded Shibuya Square. We returned to Asakusa by subway.





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