12 Must-try Fruits of Singapore

1. Starfruit
Very juicy and refreshing fruit. Green ones are not ripe; try yellow ones for better taste.



2. Mango
It has a very rich aroma, sweet, similar to peach. Thailand originated ones are my favourite.


3. ‘Early Campbell’ grape
Very aromatic variety of grape. This is my favourite grape. Its seeds are big and tasty too. You can find it in a very short period of time, around Sept-Nov. It is mainly produced in Korea and Japan.


4. Passion fruit
I came across this fruit in a breakfast in out honeymoon and fell in love with it. It is a very refreshing sweet-sour taste. Chew all the seeds for maximum taste!


5. Guava
It has a not-so-sweet but delicious, juicy taste. The texture is like a quince. The part in the centre with seeds is much softer than the rest of the fruit. The best ones are from Taiwan.


6. Mangosteen
It is a small and ugly fruit but has a very sweet and unique taste. Its outer peel is thick, its flesh looks like garlic but has a smoother texture. Must try fruit in South-east Asia.


7. Papaya
I knew papaya before coming to Singapore. However Singapore’s papaya is much bigger and tasty than what I had tried before. It has an orange color like pumpkin and lots of seeds inside. One fruit might be sufficient for four-six people.



8. Dragon fruit
It is a pretty fruit with dark pink outer part. Its flesh is white with black seeds. It is juicy but does not have a strong taste.


9. Rambutan/lychee
It is a small fruit, visually similar to horse chestnut with its spines.its flesh is on white color and its taste is similar to sweet grapes.


10. Salah
It is another unique fruit with its very different outer part. Its brown peel is similar to snake skin. Its flesh tastes like pear.




11. Pomelo / Shaddock
It may be the biggest citrus in the world. It taste like a sweet grapefruit, but it is definitely enough for 4-6 people.



12. Durian
This is a kind of fruit people hate or love. It is called as “the king of the fruits”. It is a totally unique fruit that you should try when you come to Singapore or any other country in the region. You may hate it like me, or love it a lot. It has a very strong undesirable smell. Therefore, it is not allowed on public transportation in Singapore.