Our Tokyo Experience – Day 5

Day 5

It was our fifth and the last day in Tokyo. We had many new experiences and seen many new places during in such a short time. I believe that you can have a new experience everyday even you stay in Tokyo for a year. We had only the taste of Tokyo in our first stay. I should say that Tokyo is still on the top of our list which we would like to re-visit. We started our last full day in Tokyo with a rich breakfast.

After such a long journey, we did not want to return home without seeing the Tokyo mosque, where the first “ezan”, call to prayer, of the day recited. The way to the mosque was a little bit long but we find it easily as we followed the direction found on its website. The mosque has Ottoman style architecture. It has a large marble yard. It is decorated in traditional style and the floors inside the mosque are covered with carpets and lightened by big chandeliers.



In 1938, the first Turkish school and mosque were constructed by the Kazan Turks, who were immigrated to Japan in 1920s. This mosque was demolished in 1986. Today’s Tokyo mosque was built in 1997 by the government of Turkey. Nearby the mosque there is a Turkish association. We left the mosque after taking some photos. We took some more photos in Shibuya for the last time and had lunch.

The last stop of the day was the famous Odaiba island, which is famous with its science and technology companies/laboratories. There are varieties of high-tech companies like Toyota, Sega and technology laboratories of some universities. You can reach to Odaiba by a special rail system. The wagon working in this line is driverless, i.e. it is commanded by a computer. Therefore, you can enjoy the landscape found an empty seat in front of the first wagon.

The journey was enjoyable. When we reached to the island it was not dark yet. There were parks, shopping malls and several paths where you can walk around the island. The symbols of the island are Rainbow Bridge and a replica of Statue of Liberty.


After walking in the park, we went to shopping mall as it was very windy. After looking around we gave a long coffee break to wait until it is dark to have some night shots. It was super windy outside but we took some nice photos. Then, we returned to Shibuya and then Asakusa.



We went to the restaurant which we went in our first evening to drink some seafood ramen. Then, we directly returned to our hotel to rest as we will have a long trip to home through Tokyo-Osaka-Manila-Singapore line starting in the morning. We had warm shower, packed our suitcases and slept.

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