Clean City’s Superheroes

It is a known fact that Singapore is one of the cleanest countries/cities in the world. In my opinion, the reason behind this is not that the people in Singapore care a lot about the environment. The reason is directly related to the government policies and the cleaning workers’ efforts. What I miss the most about Singapore when I am overseas is the food and the clean washrooms. If you come to Singapore, you will realize this immediately at the airport.

There are many strict rules and punishment for littering, spitting, flushing the toilet, chewing gum, smoking in public areas. I have not seen a sign “do not spit” in an elevator before I came to Singapore. This shows why and how people forced to care for the environment.


The cleaners are the superheroes working hard to clean up in food courts, streets, washrooms even in bus stops. Today, when I went to bus stop to go to the campus, I came across with cleaners cleaning the ground properly and wiping the seats in the bus stop! This is something that I have seen for the first time in my life!


In fast food restaurants, people usually leave their trays in the table; while in other parts of the world you have to return it to a collection point. Here, the staff members come and clean after you.


Now, I remember that how we used to clean our lab with other PhD students once in a year in Turkey because the cleaners did not want to enter to lab as if we were working with nuclear material :) Here, in NTU labs, cleaners dispose the waste, wipe the floors, clean the sinks from morning till evening almost every hour! Of course, the working environment becomes genuinely clean.

Therefore, I want to thank you to super heroes in Singapore, who create a super clean environment we live happily.