Boza: A Traditional Fermented Drink

Bu yazının Türkçesini burada bulabilirsiniz: Evde Boza

We continue our blog with a post about fermented beverages, this article is about Boza. Boza is a traditional Anatolia originated drink produced from different cereals. Some people love it while some others don’t. I love it a lot, especially if it is a little bit sour. The sweet one is kind of milky desert, which I do not prefer.

Whenever we are in Turkey, it is not a problem to find it. However, as we currently live abroad, we do not have a chance to find it. One day, I searched for a recipe so that I can prepare at home. There are lots of articles about its microbial content and benefits. Still, I could not find a proper recipe in food/cooking related web-sites. I kept searching and then I got lucky. I finally reached to a proper recipe with all its detail given by a Turkish man who lives in Canada.

First of all, we bought millet from supermarket; we already had bulgur wheat, rice and flour at home. Then, we incubated our baker yeast in a bowl containing bread pieces at room temperature (it took four days to make it sour). Then, we started to boil the cereals. I followed the recipe given, which was very helpful. I broiled the flour before adding to the mixture- I loved this step very much as the kitchen smelled wonderful after this step. Differently from the recipe, we homogenised the boiled mixture in a blender to filter easily. We added the sugar at the end of third day. In fourth day, the taste became desirable. We transferred the boza to a glass jar and a pitcher and put in the fridge. Next day, we consumed it with lots of cinnamon; the taste was wonderful as I dreamt. We used the remaining sour yeast to bake some bread. If you would like to try something different, it is just the time as winter is already here.



If you would like to try the recipe you can find it from this link (in Turkish) or below:–32267?p=11.

Millet (they are looking like small yellow balls), bulgur wheat, rice, flour, baker yeast, sugar.


How to make it:
• Cut the breads into very small pieces and put in a bowl containing water. Add some dry baker yeast with a teaspoon. Incubate it at room temperature 4 to 5 days. Add some water if it is needed (do not let it dry). At the end of the 4th or 5th day the mixture will be totally sour.
• Put about 200 g millet, 50 g bulgur wheat and 50 g rice in a casserole and add about two litres of water. Then boil it for 1h, mix it frequently. Later, homogenise the mixture with a blender.
• The filter it through a strainer by the help of a spoon. The filtrate will be transferred into a glass jar.
• Two table spoons of plain flour will be broiled in a pan without adding anything. It will turn brown. Then add it into the jar and mix. The mixture should have a viscosity/density similar to honey. If it is needed add some boiled water and mix it.
• Wait until the temperature of the mixture is about 45C. Then, add the yeast using a filter.
• Add one glass of sugar, mix then put in place warm in your kitchen.
• 2-3 days later, sweet taste will be converted into sour (due to the production of organic acids and alcohol).
• In order to have a stronger taste and more alcohol content, add one glass of sugar again on third day. The yeasts will be already grown very-well so one more day will be enough for yeasts to consume the sugar. On 4th day your boza is ready to serve. Enjoy ☺