Top 5 Food of South Korea

5. Kyochon Chicken
Kyochon is the name of Korean fast-food chain famous for its chicken, spoiled with the rich and spicy special garlic sauce. It’s delicious but beware of the mountain of calories. You are given plastic gloves so that you can enjoy the food more intimately.


4. Pajeon Cake
This is a pancake-like appetiser cooked with eggs, spring onions, -mostly- with seafood and mushrooms. It goes really well before the main course. Don’t forget to dip in the sauce that comes with it. Many places in Korea serve this dish.


3. Bulgogi
This sweet and savoury dish can also be pretty spicy hot. Thanks to the way it is cooked in front of you and the burning sensation of the sauce, you may eat more than you think. It is served with many extra side dishes. We took the following video in Myeongdong district of Seoul on our first day. Highly recommended.

2. Bibimbap
When it comes to healthy & delicious Korean food, Bibimbap would certainly top any list. Its rich flavour comes from fresh vegetables, mushrooms, rice and the hot sauce as well as the hot pot it is served in. It comes with all ingredients nicely laid out in the pot and you are expected to add the sauce and mix them really well before the feast. For a good bibimbap, search for a venue that locals prefer to go. After the meal, if you have a chance, I highly recommend that you try a bowl of doenjang (a fermented soup, similar to ‘tarhana’ soup of Turkey).


1. Korean BBQ
There is really not many words that can describe this experience. If you are not vegetarian or vegan, this could be your favourite meal. Period. The best meat is cooked in the best way humans have developed so far: Over charcoal. When you add kimchi, some garlic and roll it all up in fresh lettuce, it becomes wholesome in true sense of the word.