Our Tokyo Experience – Day 2

Day 2
The weather was dark when we woke up, it would be rainy again. But we were in good mood, we left the hotel. To see the high street Tokyo, we went to Ginza through Akihabara. Even though the subway stations were old, they were clean and tidy. We definitely recommend you to wear your most comfy shoes and clothing as you might walk a lot when you are changing the lines. The famous Tokyo subway was very crowded as we expected. We saw many young businessmen/women and students with their suits/uniforms, ties and handbags, running to their new working day. Everybody were waiting in the queues for boarding. They were very respectful and did not mind waiting for the alighting passengers to exit first. There were sections in the trains for the seniors and disabled people, people kept these seats empty even though there were not any disabled or senior at that time.

We were very hungry and went directly to Starbucks as it was the first store we saw when we arrived at Akihabara. We had tried and liked “Chai tea latte” very much in Japan. Its linden like taste with cinnamon and cloves aroma gave a very smooth feeling to this milky drink. So, it was good for my throat and immediately became my favorite during our trip. We watched the people who run for a new day under the rain while having our breakfast and talked about the time and its relativity. Then, we left the café when the rain calmed and walked to Ginza, where there was a long and large streets full of the stores of the famous fashion brands. As you can imagine Ginza was very crowded. Walking in these streets gave us the feeling that we’re walking in Singapore’s Orchard or London’s Oxford Street. As we did not have any shopping plan, we moved to a more attractive destination for us. On the road we saw some fine restaurants; one of them was very surprising to us as shark meat was their specialty. Off course we did not tried and passed by. We arrived to Hamarukyi Gardens. It was a nicely organised green Japanese garden in the middle of the skyscrapers. There were lots of different centuries-old trees and plants and a man-made pond.


We walked faster through the shortcuts and reached to the lovely teahouse as it started to rain heavily. There, we removed our shoes, like everyone else did in the entrance. There were many people inside sitting on the bamboo floors. A lady working in the teahouse greeted us and gave us a brochure describing the intricacies of the tea ceremony. Green teas were served and the ceremony started. We sipped our teas while watching the beautiful scenery accompanied by the sound of the rain. The loyal old Japanese ladies sitting opposite us smiled and shared their cookies with us. Then, they greeted us when they were leaving the teahouse. I love Japanese people a lot as they are gentle, respectful and they care every single detail in life. Everything is very nice, but after a certain point sitting on our legs became painful as we are not used to. We left the teahouse with great satisfaction of the experience.




We walked around the park and then returned to our hotel to change our wet clothing. After a short rest, we left the hotel. As it was still raining we decided to go to Akihabara to buy a camera. When we arrived to Akihabara, we went to Sushi Zanmai, which was on the first floor of the electronics stores. It was a kind of experience we would like try. The sushi master prepared the sushi in front of us and served instantly. Off course we very much enjoyed these delicious sushi and sashimi like hungry cats. It was absolutely great.

We left the sushi restaurant happily and went upstairs to buy a camera. The prices were not as cheap as we expected. The camera we would buy contained only Japanese menu. So, we decided not to buy. As I saw many masks in this store, I bought one as I suspect that my cough might be due to the pollen allergy. On the way we bought some snacks from Don Quijote in Asakusa and returned to our hotel.

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