Kyoto, Historical Capital of Japan – Day 2

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Kyoto Day 2

We wanted to have a nice breakfast and so searched for it in the internet and went to the breakfast place near Royal Kyoto hotel. Their menu was rich and they had many bakeries/pastries like we had seen many examples of them in French -style patisseries in Japan. We enjoyed the rich breakfast. I had a little cold and did not feel OK, so after the breakfast we got the drugs from a nearby pharmacy. We return to our hotel to sleep and rest.

When you say accommodation, several types of hotels come to mind in Japan. Among them, we know the closest description “business hotel”. This is the main choice of foreigners who come to Japan for business. They have a few minor differences from a standard hotel : 1. The rooms are relatively smaller 2. There are ultra comfortable closets with heating, washing and drying. Your precious parts would not have seen such a comfort before ☺ 3. The shampoo, shower gel and similar products found in your bathrooms are not in tiny bottles. The bottles are in standard sizes and even branded (Shiseido). 4 Comfortable kimonos are found, which give guests a warm feeling of home when you are resting in the room.

We wrote earlier, but I can’t stop saying that Japanese are generally very polite and respectful. But in service sector, let say for employees, it moves one level up especially in hotels / restaurants, etc. Employees are constantly talking in small letters, whatever the question is, they never say “no”. When they are saluting or saying goodbye they are leaning almost 180 degrees to give their greetings. This subtle behavior and politeness creates a peaceful atmosphere and it can change even a rude person after certain point.

Let’s continue from where we left today after some details about daily life in Japan. The pills worked and I felt better when I woke up at late afternoon. The rest of the day was waiting for us but we did not want to deplete our energy. Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji) was one of places to be seen. We went to Golden Pavillion by bus. Although it is not possible to visit Golden Pavillion Building, its garden is open to the public. The pavilion was located in an island found in the middle of an artificial lake. The pavilion and its garden were very beautiful and well protected.


DSC_0466 - Version 2

We walk around the lake and took photos of the mansion from various angles. There was great interest in local and foreign tourists. On the road at some point there were small metal containers in little inland trails. Many people were trying to throw money down to these vessels. We also tried our luck with a few coins; we have received applause from the other tourists around us when we hit it. From the souvenir shop, we bought a necklace that is supposed to give good luck.


We decided to return to the city center. Before the bus stop, there were lots of small shops selling many handmade Japanese products. My sheep printed purse, which I bought from Ireland two years ago, was very old indeed. So, we bought a new handmade cute purse from one of these lovely shops. We are fans of mochi so we could not pass by without buying some from another shop, which also sells local candies and sweets.


The Foursquare was a useful application most of the time. However, it can be misleading as it happened on the previous day. This time, we searched for a nice place to dine with local foods. We found the location by the help of mobile phone’s GPS. However, when we enter to place we realized that it is not same place. Then, we ordered only some small appetizers as we were hungry. Then, we noticed that the entrance of the place we found was on the parallel street on the other side of the block. We were very happy to have found the place we were looking for. But the adventure was not over yet. In the venue of the place, we learned that they are serving ramen soups but only with pork and its organs. As we were not eating pork/ pork organs, we were disappointed and left the restaurant. We felt our hunger thoroughly. But we did not give up and we started to move towards another place located on our list. We wanted to try this particular place, which serves Japanese style pizza. It was after work hours. We asked the address to a few people, at the end a lady who knows the place helped us and started to walk with us. We believed that we are about to reach the happy ending. We found the place; however, the building was under renovation. We were about to fail physically as well as mentally. We could not stand any longer; we entered to a local restaurant, which was much closer to us. In the entrance, they asked us to remove our shoes and gave us comfy slippers. In the restaurant we chose a ramen soup. There were an induction type oven in the middle of the table and they brought all the ingredients. We cooked our food and we feed ourselves. It was not exactly a dinner we dreamt but we were not unhappy.

After the dinner, we decided to return to our hotel and promised ourselves to have a much more better day the next day. One the way, we bought a Chai Tea Latte each, our favorite hot beverage in Japan. That was nice.

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