Atlantic Coastline of Maine

Open Google Maps, type “Maine”, hit Go.

The first thing you’ll notice on the map will probably be the rough, jugged coastline. This 230 mile stretch of shoreline is home to many bays, sounds, peninsulas and islands of various sizes.

Maine coastline, from Google Maps

Roads will stroll towards and away from the shore as you travel North / South direction. You’ll smell the ocean, feel the breeze and occasionally hear the grand horns of its many picturesque lighthouses.


On your way to your destination, no matter it is lively Portland, majestic Acadia National Park or a Stephen King pilgrimage to Bangor, you’ll pass through fishing towns, signs to campgrounds, antique shops, local ‘homegrown’ libraries.



Occasionally, emerald waters will pop up on your windshield, a glimpse into the ocean, a river or a lake. You’ll be amazed by the mesmerizing contrast of the green of pine or fir trees with the blue of the water. Oh what a seductive blue that is, ‘all fifty shades of it’, I must admit.


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