I don’t run this world

I don’t run this world

The world is not run by rich white men who secretly meet in exclusive Alpine venues and smoke cigars;

The world is not run by gorgeous women with 6 feet legs and a certain aptitude for attraction;

The world is not run by shameless politicians who effortlessly declare war and protect freedom at the expense of others;

The world is not run by alien overlords who travelled light years of distance to mine our gold or to intimayely probe us;

And No, the world is not run by Gods either, old or new, who create a whole universe from nothing just to test our will and loyalty.

The world is run by the untamed ageless will of the humanity; by the ocean waves that beat the hell out of the shoreline; by the blinding ray of light; by the darkness that binds the days; by the sleeping beauty of the mountains; by the majestic buzz of worker bees; by the stubborn force of the rain and the wind; by us, humans or otherwise, in the shape of our shared vision. The world belongs to no one; the world belongs to all.