Walking among the giants – “Sequoia National Forest”

After the desert, we were eager to drive north and enter the national parks/forests section of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Our itinerary originally did not have Sequoia National Forest as a stop. However a new friend of ours, someone we met just few days ago in San Francisco, dear Anthe, has highly recommended that we see General Sherman, the giant sequoia tree. The park was not majorly distant from our original route so we decided to include that in our trip. Oh how little we knew. The distance was not much in miles but the curvy roads took us hours to arrive at the ‘Giant Forest’.



The journey was long but surely not boring. The higher we went up on the range, the trees got taller and taller. The air was fresher as well. If you follow a short trail from the carpark in the video, you will arrive at the footsteps of one of the most famous trees in the world: General Sherman. The only word that can describe the tree is majestic. It is estimated to be 2300-2700 years old*. It is currently the largest living tree known in the world (not the tallest, nor the widest, but the largest by total volume)



General Sherman is not the only giant sequoia in the forest. There are many trees that look as amazing as her in the park. You may easily find more dramatic or inspiring trees around the world. But we humans have a fascination with the superlatives in any shape or meaning. In that sense, being there and seeing this biggest tree in the world felt special.



The journey was totally worth it. Yet, we could not stay much longer as we had hours of driving ahead of us. We wanted to be at Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain resort before dawn. Well, that estimate turned out to be very very optimistic. :) Stay tuned for our adventure at the Yosemite National Park.

* General Sherman Tree, Wikipedia

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