How is the weather like in Singapore?

Singapore is 50 km away from the equator, so its weather is always moist and warm. It is raining cats and dogs almost every month of the year. And when it rains, it may rain heavily for almost 2 hours. There is no meaning to carry an umbrella or wear a raincoat, as you will be totally wet under this heavy rain no matter what you do.


If you expect some fresh and cooling air after this heavy rain, you will be disappointed. It is not possible; you can’t feel the breeze or cooling fresh air, due to the fact that there are no mountains on this small island. After a couple of hours after the rain, everywhere will be dry as if it did not rain at all. This is very surprising to me as it is very difficult to dry your clothing after you wash them in this super damp country. Certainly, the well-established infrastructure of the city with many canals in various parts of the city and the rainforest play important role. The rain feed the trees while trees calling the rain. In this country it is not possible to see the bare soil; everywhere is green naturally (or buildings).



The brightness of the vegetations and tree leaves found in the garden of your home or any other place is eye catching. You’d think that almost every single leaf individually treated with special care. One of the things that I like the most in this small city/island is the protected green areas. Another beauty of the city is its birds. There are varieties of birds even in the city centre that I’ve never seen or heard their songs before. It makes me very happy to listen to the singing birds even in the city center which is covered with many skyscrapers. It is also very soothing to watch the giant trees surrounding the road when you are going to somewhere by taxi in the evening. It is also great to do trekking in the reservoir area surrounded with mangroves or cycling in Ubin Island. You can see many monkeys on your way ☺.



Is it ever possible to feel cold in Singapore?

Indeed, it is not possible when you are in the streets. However, I do not recommend you to stay for a long time in the streets as you may suffer from dehydration. The air conditioners in almost all shopping malls, subways, taxis and offices are working in their maximum power. I suffered from a very bad cold when we first moved to Singapore due to the freezing air conditioners. Therefore, after this bad experience, we always keep our cardigans or shawl in our bags. We also generally wear snickers instead of slippers or sandals when we go out.

Here, many people wear flip flops. Why don’t they care the effect of the air conditioners? I do not know the exact answer. However, I think they must be affected by it. You can see many people, especially Chinese origin residents, constantly sniffing and clearing their throats everywhere. They do not have a habit to use a tissue paper. This surely does not create a pleasant view.

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